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Kudo: An MMA style for everyone!

Daidojuku Takao branch is now teaching classes in Kudo at Studio Kix.

What is Kudo?

  • In 1981, Azuma Takashi, a 4th dan in Kyokushin karate and a third dan in Judo, created Daidojuku, a new form of full contact karate which allowed for head strikes, throws and submissions. From there it expanded, incorporating techniques from various martial arts such as boxing, muay thai, jujitsu, and sambo, evolving into a modern multi range form of budo.

    In 2001 this martial arts was officially named “kudo”, and the Kudo International Federation was established. KIF now has branches in over 40 countries around the world and is continuing to grow.

    Kudo competitors wear a kudo-gi, fist supporters, mouth guard, groin cup, and a “Neo Head Gear”, head protector. The NHG enables competitors to strike to the head without gloves, but with minimal damage to the face, resulting in a more realistic combative format, without compromising safety.

    Kudo competition allows strikes to the head such as kicks, punches, knees, elbows and head butts. Grabbing the gi for striking and throwing is permitted, with clinching being limited to 10 seconds. Submissions are also permitted, with ground fighting being limited to 30 seconds. Ground and pound (striking the head of a fallen opponent) is not permitted, however strikes to the body are allowed.

    Kudo combines MMA style realistic fighting competition with the traditional Budo mindset and values, making it the perfect martial art for people who want to learn a practical effective system of self defence.

About Kudo at Studio Kix:

The Daidojuku Takao branch conducts Kudo classes at Studio Kix 5 days a week. (see schedule below). For more information about the Daidojuku Takao branch, see their homepage at this link. (Japanese only)

▼ Kudo


Wednesday / Thursday


Joining fee: ¥10,000
Monthly tuition: ¥8,000

▼ Junior Kudo



Joining fee: ¥10,000
Monthly tuition: ¥5,000

Junior competitors start with full contact Karate rules and are gradually introduced to a more mma based rule set as they advance in age and experience.

In Junior competition submissions and joint locks are not allowed. Neither are punches to the face.

Body/arm protectors and head gear are also used to maximize safety, making Kudo a realistic yet safe form of combative competition for children.


A typical training session begins with a warm up, followed by stretching. Then striking basics, footwork, shadow boxing and pad drills. This is usually followed by some form of grappling drills such as clinch fighting, throws, or submissions. Then sparring, and finally some form of physical training to build strength/stamina.


New members will need to purchase a kudo-gi, NHG, foul cup, mouth guard, shin pads and mma style open finger gloves. Most of these items can be purchased through the dojo, or we can recommend suitable products.


Jason Angove

Jason Angove

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Jason began his martial arts training at the age of 10. He practiced a variety of styles including Tae Kwon Do, Kyokushin Karate, wushu, capoeira and Muay Thai, before beginning Kudo in 2003. He has won the Kanto regional Kudo tournament twice, and represented New Zealand at the 2009 World championships.

Kato Kazunori

Kato Kazunori

(Saturday and Sunday)

Kato sensei joined Daidojuku in 1987. He is a veteran with a wealth of competition experience. He fully understands the challenge of balancing a busy work schedule with training in a practical budo art, for the development of body, mind and spirit.

About Studio Kix

Studio Kix is a fully equipped dojo with floor mats, mirrors, heavy bags, a weight room, a shower and a car parking area.

The address is:
Tokyo, Hachioji, Hazamamachi 1722-7, Sorieyu building 1F


Ph Jason 090 4369 0571

For enquiries in English, contact Jason at kudoista70@gmail.com